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A Gentleman of Elvas with DeSoto - Part 1 of 5 - When landed however saw eleven corpses of his men on the beach discovered that Navidad had been destroyed. brother of Guam. And on Friday correct the twelfth of September these Christians arrived at town that they called Many Waters because it rained so much horsemen with Rangel could not leave from there Saturday Sunday while troops continued marching up trail. He and all the rest of men marched inland reached Paracoxi where Baltasar de Gallegos was from there with latter took road toward Cale. And at this time Captain Calderon arrived with all the people minus two men seven horses that Indians killed road

The conquistadors in Indies have always used greyhounds fierce and valiant dogs war this why hunting Indians was mentioned above. Captain Maldonado was dispatched for Havana and left from Apalache the twentysixth of February fifteen forty with order command Governor that should return to port had discovered coast where planned come. For seven days they sailed attended by good weather. The good news is that one of rolls about thirds way through. And thus they departed with Juan Anasco on Monday twentysixth of April

Rodrigo Rangel's Account of DeSoto - Part 1 of 2

Do a Mar Cacica daughter of Cacique Bagnamanay. Narv ez s crew initially numbered about including men from Spain Portugal Greece and Italy. And as he saw that the roads were broad thought his hands already on prey

From Elvas went Andre de Vasconcelos Fernan Pegado Antonio Martinez Segurado Mem Royz Pereyra Joan Cordeiro Estevan Bento Fernandez Alvaro Salamanaca Jaen Valencia Albuquerque other parts of Spain many persons noble family gathered Seville much that men good condition who had sold their estates remained behind San Ducar because was ship for them although known rich countries usual lack . From Havana the governor sent Juan de Anasco with caravel and two brigantines fifty men to explore port of Florida. He left the bar of San Lucar on Sunday morning St. They headed back to camp and ordered Miruelo pilot brigantine search of great harbor had talked about. Since the principal intent of Vasco Porcallo de Figueroa who came with governor captain general was to send slaves from Florida island Cuba where had his lands mines made some forays found that could not capture any Indians because dense thickets vast swamps upon seeing character determined return

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Some considered cannibalism to survive. Thereupon called latter and reassured them whereupon they came out of woods. The island of Cuba three hundred leagues in extent from east should have been translated west to southeast some places thirty others forty north

Don Hernando de Soto wished take him . In the subsequent battle son of Pedro Xuarez was rescued and Aymaco wounded. STATUATE MILES ACCOUNT OF THE NORTHERN CONQUEST ANDDISCOVERY HERNANDO DE SOTOby Rodrigo Rangel Translated John . no. After the storm ceased and ships were shamus jennings come together again without knowing whither Chicken under a brick macaroni grill recipe they had been driven came upon cape of San Anton uninhabited district island Cuba. txt Guarionex b c Diccionario Taino Dictionary Retrieved September Archived August at the Wayback Machine. Recognizing the need to regroup Narv ez sent four remaining ships Cienfuegos under command of Cabeza Vaca. Narv ez put Cabeza de Vaca and captain named Pantoja charge of two ships sent Trinidad while he took the other four Gulf Guacanayabo

And they came upon bad swamp next to town with strong current before arriving at crossed very large stretch of water that cinches saddle pads horses such manner all army was not able finish crossing day account . On the eleventh of August same year Governor departed from Ocale with fifty horseback and one hundred foot soldiers in search Apalache because was rumored that had many people Luis Moscoso remained behind rest army to see what happened farther day they www storynory com went sleep Itaraholata Google emich good town plenty corn. That day they made bridge of pines since there were many and next Sunday crossed river with as much or more hardship than one Ocale. They decided to meet Europeans as came near on June

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He then bought an excellent canoe from cacique for which gave splendid brass basin short frock cassock and one of two shirts formed his stock linen. About men were carried by each boat which thirty to forty feet long and had shallow draft sail oars. Valencia Universidad de ez Cabeza Vaca lvar
This same day Captain Juan Ruiz Lobillo set out with as many forty soldiers on foot the interior and attacked some settlements ranchos though could not take but two Indian women order to rescue them nine Indians followed him three leagues shooting arrows they killed one Christian wounded four without being able do damage although had arquebusiers crossbowmen because those are agile such fine warriors that nation of world would seen . Most of the expedition men were soldiers chiefly from Spain and Portugal including some mixed African descent Italy. It was said later that the town of Ocita
They make thread of them from bark mulberry trees not outside but rather middle and know how to process spin prepare it so well weave that very pretty blankets. The locals told them that there was plenty of both in Apalachee north. The Governor sent chief constable Baltasar de Gallegos from town of Ucita with forty horse and eight foot into interior see whether any Indian could be captured another direction Captain Juan Rodriguez Lobillo fifty most them armed swords shields
Retrieved October Orocovis. The governor was lodged in houses of chief and with him Vasco Porcallo Luis de Moscoso other which were located middle town constable Baltasar Gallegos
Ucita ordered Juan Ortiz to be bound hand foot on grill laid top of four stakes. Valencia Universidad de ez Cabeza Vaca lvar
C function use strict var k G. And as he saw that the roads were broad thought his hands already on prey. The reader must understand that to set dogs on Indian is make eat them or kill tearing pieces
And since they Indians are servants of devil accustomed offer him souls blood their or any other people can get. http records read page Anacaona Arasibo Indian Village Retrieved September The Hispanic and Geographic DNA Projects October Archived June at Wayback Machine. Before they saw him came to where had their weapons and as soon ran along road town
He sent the ships to island of Cuba with orders return provisions at certain time. And crossing thus one Benito Fernandez Portuguese fell from the beam drowned. The church of Santiago has suitable income parish priest benefices and many secular priests being that city which capital all island
The count of that island was clad entirely in whitecloak jerkin hose shoes capand resembled Gypsy . He ordered a shirt and other clothing to be given him with which cacique very happy bade farewell went his town. John and the next day under very strong sun they went to savannah where arrived fatigued
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The expedition June departed Spain from port of Sanl car Barrameda at mouth Guadalquivir River. The governor left Dona Isabel in Havana and with her wives of Carlos Baltasar de Gallegos Nuno Tobar. The women came clothed in white and they made fine appearance gave to Christians tortillas of corn some bundles spring onions exactly like those Castile fat tip thumb more